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Peer Review of Blog “PRO Gaming Review”

PRO Gaming Review‘s homepage has an eye-catching image that effectively gives a visual representation of what the blog is about. The image may be a little too large, though, as it takes up most of the space above the fold; the dimensions of the image may overpower the actual content of the blog. Left of […]

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Imagining Audience

The audience I’ve been imagining is broad. I’ve created this website with the general public in mind, as anyone could stumble upon my website, as well as specific publics, such as an academic audience. This academic audience includes my peers and instructors for PUB 101, as well as other academics who may be interested in […]

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Damaging Democracy

Democracy is a core value of our society; it is our system of governance at all levels, and one would hope and assume that this translates to the rest of our social reality. This essay explores the notion that social media platforms are democratic, ultimately exposing how this notion is flawed.  The underlying conceptions about what ought to […]

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Intersectional Apocalypse

Intersectional Apocalypse, “a student-run, peer-edited, open access journal focused on collecting and sharing knowledge that is intersectionally feminist, LGBTQ2IA+ positive, anti-colonial, anti-racist, and anti-oppressive,” was started in the fall of 2018. It is founded by a group of students, including myself, who are committed to an intersectionally feminist praxis, aiming to take action and amplify […]

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Rainbow Capitalism: A critique of the corporatization of Pride

Introduction  This paper explores capitalism in relation to LGBTQ2+ Pride. Specifically, it explores the question: How does the culture of capitalism affect Pride? It is based in the Western context. There are clear ties between capitalism and the production of Pride, and arguably the culture of capitalism infiltrates the LGBTQ2+ movement with a false sense of support from corporations. Moreover, […]