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Reflections on dimsumdyke: Curating a portfolio blog rooted in intersectional feminist praxis

Over the course of this semester, I have curated dimsumdyke to be a queer counterpublic that showcases my best writing and art pieces. The blog is intended to act as a platform that showcases a marginalized experience from an intersectional lens. Readers of the blog, aside from those in or instructing PUB 101, are imagined […]

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Queer Counterpublics

The internet has afforded me access to spaces that center queer experiences. These spaces allow me to fully embody and indulge in my queerness. I am a part of a multitude of trans, non-binary, lesbian and generally queer groups on Facebook; my Instagram and Twitter followings are largely queer and I follow many queer folx […]

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Managing Marketability

After our lecture, in which our guest speaker, Trevor Battye, highlighted that I could monetize my website by selling prints of my photography, I decided that I would follow through with this idea. I had already contemplated selling my art, and getting the external unbiased validation from a stranger motivated me to take action. As […]

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Misgendering and Mobile Mindfulness

I received peer feedback this week, all of which was positive. While it was nice to know that my blog was coming along nicely, it was difficult to make any edits to it without any constructive criticism. I took it upon myself to critique my own blog according to the critiques I provided to my […]

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Imagining Audience

The audience I’ve been imagining is broad. I’ve created this website with the general public in mind, as anyone could stumble upon my website, as well as specific publics, such as an academic audience. This academic audience includes my peers and instructors for PUB 101, as well as other academics who may be interested in […]