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Gender Alphabet

I’ve received many F’s in my life. 

My documents are riddled with F’s. 

F this, F that. 

I don’t want these F’s. 

I deserve something better.  

I don’t mean F as in Fail, although, it does feel like a failure to me. 

No, I was assigned female at birth. 

My passport says ‘F’, my driver’s license says ‘F’, my health card says ‘F’, my birth certificate says ‘F’. 

F is for female. 

F is a forced assignment that does not fit.  

F is fixed on these documents. 

F is false. 

I want an X.  

X is undefined. 

X is non-binary. 

X is queer. 

X is inclusive. 

X is genderless. 

X is an option that feels like it fits. 

X is the first letter of my pronouns. 




X is a subversion of systemically entrenched oppression. 

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