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As I decided last week that no edits needed to be made to my blog, I figured that I should try harder this week to figure out what can be improved. I went through individual posts and reformatted some of them, adding the PDFs to the top of the post rather than the bottom (on posts that included downloadable files). Another subtle but important edit I made was to the titles of a couple of my posts to make the capitalization consistent across the blog.

These two changes were all I could think of editing, so I turned to external sources for feedback. Asking my brother and his girlfriend to look at my blog, I received more feedback on potential edits I could make to my blog. I mentioned in my previous post that the mobile layout of my blog pushes the sidebar menu from the desktop view to the bottom of the blog, just above the footer, and my brother and his girlfriend noted this in their feedback. They asked if it would be possible to move that menu to the top rather than the bottom; however, unfortunately that is not an edit I can make within the parameters of the theme I have selected, unless I purchase the premium version. Likewise, they mentioned, just as my first peer reviewer did, that on desktop, the tags cloud is slightly difficult to read due to the lack of contrast between text and background. Again, this remains unchangeable unless premium is purchased. Aside from these bits of feedback on what could be potentially edited, they said that my blog is effective in captivating the desired audience and that the desktop format is accessible and easy to navigate.

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