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Imagining Audience

The audience I’ve been imagining is broad. I’ve created this website with the general public in mind, as anyone could stumble upon my website, as well as specific publics, such as an academic audience. This academic audience includes my peers and instructors for PUB 101, as well as other academics who may be interested in my work. Another audience I have in mind is the queer community, as my work is largely influenced by and focused on queer issues. With this broad audience and more niche audiences in mind, I’ve had the goal of accessibility at the forefront of my mind. First and foremost, I want my blog to be easy to navigate for the average person. Secondly, I want my blog to appear appealing for a general audience, an academic audience and a queer audience. I’ve landed on a minimalistic theme as it has the potential to appeal to diverse audiences. A third goal I strive for with this audience in mind is reachability; the ability to communicate and collaborate. I want my work to spark conversations and creativity. I want my audience to actively engage with my work and therefore have a comment section on each post, as well as my email and social links listed in the header of my site so that I can be reached directly by folx or receive feedback or have audience members communicate amongst themselves.

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