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Implementing Peer Feedback

This week we did our peer reviews. With the useful feedback I received and the notes I took from tutorial, I analyzed the quality of my personal cyberinfrastructure. One prominent critique of my blog was the color of my tags cloud in the sidebar. While my peer liked the tags cloud for the sake of understanding what content is on the website, the ability to read the different tags is hindered by the lack of contrast between the text and the background. Unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to change this unless I purchase the premium version of the theme I’ve used. I debated taking the cloud off of my blog so that everything would be readable or even changing my theme; however, weighing the pros and the cons, I decided it is still a nice feature regardless of the difficulty to read the text and it would be too difficult to redesign my whole blog at this point considering I’ve been curating this theme since week 1.

Another critique and a theme from tutorial was about photos on the website. My peer reviewer mentioned that adding more photos to the blog could keep the viewer engaged and draw them in more. Likewise, when reviewing other folks’ blogs in tutorial, a reoccurring plus was the use of images. I noted this and added an image to my homepage, which is also a link to a Google search of what intersectionality is. I wanted to draw folks in with images but go further than that and provide context to the praxis I employ in my work.

A final critique was the functionality of the header on my website: my peer wrote that it would be effective to have a footer menu as well; however, my header is not stuck to the top and actually follows you as you scroll so no matter how far you’ve scrolled on my infinite scroll blog, you’re able to access the drop down menu and fully navigate to another page.

I had a busy week but will continue to analyze my blog’s quality and will experiment with adding more visuals to captivate my audience.

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