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Managing Marketability

After our lecture, in which our guest speaker, Trevor Battye, highlighted that I could monetize my website by selling prints of my photography, I decided that I would follow through with this idea. I had already contemplated selling my art, and getting the external unbiased validation from a stranger motivated me to take action. As such, I created a couple social pages to promote my art and linked them to my blog: and While the pages have no content and only read ‘COMING SOON’, I will spend some time this upcoming week working on creating an audience on these platforms.

Additionally, I’ve added a Creative Commons license to my photos. I selected a license that allows my work to be shared and remixed, so long as I am credited for the original work and so long as the material is not used for commercial purposes. I selected this license as I don’t want others to profit off of the basis of my creativity; however, I do want my art to be distributed for non-capitalist intentions and to be used creatively. Here is the updated post with the license at the bottom:

I’m contemplating setting up an Etsy or something similar to sell prints, tote bags and t-shirts. Otherwise I will sell them via the Instagram and Facebook pages I’ve set up. Stay tuned to find out what I decide and financially support my creative endeavors!

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