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Misgendering and Mobile Mindfulness

I received peer feedback this week, all of which was positive. While it was nice to know that my blog was coming along nicely, it was difficult to make any edits to it without any constructive criticism. I took it upon myself to critique my own blog according to the critiques I provided to my peer, but even so I was unable to come up with any critiques as I realized I based most of my constructive criticism on changes I had made to my own blog. As such, I reflected harder on what I could do to improve the design of my blog. Recalling discussions we had in lecture, I shifted my focus from the design elements of the webpage on my laptop to mobile and tablet formats. Looking at my blog on my phone and in the tablet format, I noticed that the sidebar menu moves to the bottom of the blog. I contemplated the difficulties that this may impose on user-friendly accessibility, but decided that there likely isn’t a better format choice for this, considering if the menu were to remain at the side, it would push the recent posts to a mere fraction of the screen. Likewise, the header menu remains very accessible and is more important than the sidebar menu. The sidebar menu mainly takes up whitespace on my blog and adds some eye-catching elements; the menu moving to the bottom of the page is not a big deal as it is not completely essential to the navigation of my blog. Aside from this menu shift, there are not many more noticeable changes to my blog’s design and format from desktop to tablet or mobile. Tablet and mobile are the same, just simply with a larger width span of posts on tablet versus mobile. After analyzing the elements of change between these devices and considering I didn’t receive any suggestions from my peer of what to change about my blog, I decided no major changes needed to be made to my blog.

One other element of my peer review that I wanted to address aside from the 100% positive feedback was the author’s use of she/her/hers pronouns. I was consistently misgendered in this peer review, despite my pronouns being clearly stated in the About Me page of my blog, a page the author even referenced in the review.

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