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Peer Review of Blog “Great White Sport”

This blog is well organized, and it is easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. The use of a drop-down menu for PUB101 is useful in keeping coursework neatly separated. The colors used on the blog are complimentary; however, there is one part that is difficult to read: 

The tagline “All Things Sport in the Great White North” appears very faintly under the blog’s name and could be changed a couple shades darker for better visual accessibility.  

Another thing to note about the tagline is that it appears twice on the blog (in red below). Also appearing twice is the menu (in yellow):

Also appearing multiple times is the Twitter handle (in blue): 

And the email address (in green):

I would consider editing the pages to include fewer repetitions as to not overwhelm the flow of the content.  

The use of a Contact page is a nice touch, and it is useful that there are multiple contact options.  

The use of photos on the homepage is attention grabbing. It might be effective to have an image in the background or header on the site that carries over to the other pages, or to have relevant images on other pages, such as the About and Contact pages, to maintain the website viewer’s attention. 

It may also be effective to make more succinct the writing on the homepage and instead merge some of that information to the blog’s About page. 

More positives about the blog are that I like the function to share posts on Facebook or Twitter and that posts have a comment section. This is a great way to engage the audience and connect with your viewers. The Search function is also a great touch and adds to the ease of navigating the blog.  

Overall, the blog Great White Sport is easy to navigate and contains posts relevant to the blog’s genre. With minor adjustments the blog could be simultaneously more eye-catching and easier on the eyes. By this I mean that less can be more: Less repetition equates to more clarity in navigation. The administrator of the blog does a great job adding touches such as a comment section on posts, a search function in the heading menu, and widgets to share posts on social media. It appears that the admin has successfully kept up with coursework and blog posts to date.  

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