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Peer Review of Blog “My films Blog”

My films Blog‘s homepage opens with a large image of a man in a movie theater. This image takes up nearly all the space above the fold, except for the margin at the bottom in which the main menu is situated. This design choice could pose problems depending on the image used, but it works quite nicely with the image selected by the blogger, giving a clear visual of what the blog is about. Also, there is a button on the menu to scroll right past the image, taking the viewer directly to the blog’s content. It is effective having the heading menu remain at the top of the page no matter how far you scroll down the blog, as to always give the viewer an option to further navigate the blog. Additionally, the blog features a search function which is a useful tool, especially if a viewer wants to search for a specific film. Also making the blog user-friend, My Films Blog features effective contrast in text/background, making it easy on the eyes for the audience.

Presumably, the intended audience for this blog is fellow film critics and fanatics – perhaps even those involved in the film industry. With some fine-tuning of the grammar, punctuation and capitalization used on the blog, it would be effectively professional-looking, thus inviting serious viewers from the film industry to engage with the blog. A consistent flow of syntax could make the blog more appealing to potential professionals viewing the blog, which could in turn lead to partnerships for reviewing certain films.

For example, the word ‘this’ should be capitalized and the last sentence may want to read ‘It’s a Sora and Riku mix’. Additionally, the word ‘near(est)’ is repeated twice in the address section. In the About this Site section, it may want to read ‘in which’ or ‘where’. The author of this blog could benefit from spell- and grammar-checking their posts, sidebar, and pages.

Content-wise, the blog covers a range of films which is appealing to a variety of readers. This is important in the marketability of their blog as to draw in a larger audience. The use of bold text at the end of each film review is effective in giving the reader a quick glimpse into what the film is about and how well-rated it is.

Lastly, having a contact page where the author invites the reader to submit film review requests is very effective in drawing in an audience. One issue with this page, again, is the grammar and punctuation.

‘if’ should be capitalized. ‘i’ should be capitalized’. And finally, ‘ill’ should read ‘I’ll’.

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