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Peer Review of Blog “PRO Gaming Review”

PRO Gaming Review‘s homepage has an eye-catching image that effectively gives a visual representation of what the blog is about. The image may be a little too large, though, as it takes up most of the space above the fold; the dimensions of the image may overpower the actual content of the blog.

Left of the image, the webpage title, however, is a great size. The subtitle following directly beneath the title could be slightly larger for easier readability. The contrast between text color and background makes for a pleasant user interface in the header as well.

The search bar is in a logical spot, at the very top corner of the header. Having a search bar is a handy tool for users to interact with the blog. Likewise, the menu in the header is in a good spot on the site. A change that could be made to make the blog easier to navigate is fusing the menu that is in the sidebar with the menu that is in the header. Instead of having two separate menus, the sidebar menu could be made into subcategories for the header main menu. Having a drop-down menu at the top of the blog could be more user friendly than the two static menus.

Another change that could be made for easier navigation and user friendliness is the addition of a “back to top” button so that when one has scrolled down on the page, they are able to get back to the top and view the menu without having to endlessly scroll up. The addition of this button makes it much easier to navigate the menu as needed. Either that, or having the header menu follow the scroll; or, possibly, making the sidebar menu a replica of the edited drop-down menu and having that menu follow the scroll.

If the last suggestion is opted for, that would nicely take up the white space on the right third of the website. If not, I would suggest rearranging the format of the “Recent Posts” to more evenly occupy screen space. (Unbalanced white space shown in red in screenshot below).

The use of images paired with each blog post is eye-catching and definitely draws in the audience’s attention.

Along the lines of images being eye-catching, it could possibly be effective to use the Instagram app icon in the footer of the menu instead of, or along with the word “Instagram” (highlighted in yellow below).

Again, this may simply attract more attention of users and get more hits on the linked page. Linking out to another platform is a great idea; however, it is slightly confusing that it links to a hashtag rather than an account.

Overall, the blog makes great use of images, but could benefit from some tweaking to make it more accessible: There could be work done to make the page less static and to refigure the use of space.

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