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Pending Process

This week I acquired my domain: Selecting my URL was the easiest task I accomplished this week; dimsumdyke is my online alter ego and has been my username on various platforms for the past few years. After purchasing my domain, I was stumped. What do I make my blog about? I pondered this question for hours on end. In fact, I spent several days pondering, brainstorming and bouncing ideas off my friends and family. What kinds of blogs interest me? Food? Fashion? Lifestyle? Ugh. Too many ideas. Next question: What do I want my blog to represent? Myself. Queerness. Intersectionality. Okay, how do I make a blog that encompasses these themes? Then it hit me: All my written and visual work are reflections of myself and employ a intersectional lens with emphasis on queerness. A portfolio. That’s my answer.

So, I decided on a portfolio blog. shall showcase my academic and creative works. With this decided, I shifted my focus from content to aesthetics. I decided on an accessible theme and began playing around with the look of my blog. While it is still work in progress, I’ve spent this week familiarizing myself with the customization functions of my blog and have began to generate a space that reflects my aesthetic vision for my portfolio. Keywords for this aesthetic include queer, clean, kawaii and accessible.

Next step: Write my first post. Done.

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