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This week I worked on building my art Instagram. Over the course of 3 days, I posted 3 photos a day from my series GIRLS!. Once the entire series was online, I promoted the page on my main Instagram. My friends also promoted the account for me. Shortly after my friends and I promoted the account, I gained a following and received likes on my posts. At this time, my account still read ‘COMING SOON’; however, the next day I changed the bio to ‘PRINTS 4 SALE’ and posted a pricing list for my photos. To price the photos, I did some research on various platforms on which people sell prints, and contemplated the monetary value of the work I put into the series and cost required to produce the prints. The prices are Angel Numbers as to fit the aesthetic I have online.

Additionally, I added this pricing list with a link to @dimsumdyke to my GIRLS! post on this blog.

I decided to scrap my art Facebook as it was too hard to maintain two separate platforms for promotion.

This week, I will continue to promote my art account on my main Instagram, and will expand to other platforms for promotion. I’ve started on Instagram as that is where my largest queer following exists; however, I also belong to various queer Facebook groups in which I may be allowed to self-promote.

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