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Reflections on dimsumdyke: Curating a portfolio blog rooted in intersectional feminist praxis

Over the course of this semester, I have curated dimsumdyke to be a queer counterpublic that showcases my best writing and art pieces. The blog is intended to act as a platform that showcases a marginalized experience from an intersectional lens. Readers of the blog, aside from those in or instructing PUB 101, are imagined to be fellow queer folx, artists and academics. As a portfolio, this blog serves the purpose of preserving my works digitally, some of which are available for download, for fellow writers and artists to view and reference. While the blog acts as a tool for this purpose, I have constructed this virtual garden not only for this reason, but as a sanctuary for those who are marginalized themselves, especially those of a similar background to me, to find solidarity in my work. Representation of marginalized communities that is accurate and informed by lived experience is crucial to the well-being of marginalized folx and the vitality of communities. From personal intersectionally marginalized experience, I can vouch for the fact that representation matters.

All of my work on this blog, and in the rest of my life, is informed by an intersectionally feminist praxis – a theory put into practice in an ongoing effort to address the interconnected nature of oppressions. The embodiment of this praxis is inspired by Intersectional Apocalypse, “a student-run, peer-edited, open access journal focused on collecting and sharing knowledge that is intersectionally feminist, LGBTQ2IA+ positive, anti-colonial, anti-racist, and anti-oppressive“. I had the pleasure of being a member of the editorial team for the publication’s first issue and learnt a lot about the embodiment of theory in practice, thus fostering my desire to employ intersectional praxis into all of my works.

The values that the editorial team of Intersectional Apocalypse brought forth to the publication inspired the goals that I began my publication with. Dissecting the meaning of intersectional feminist praxis, the central values instilled in my own publication are anti-oppression, accessibility, and, of course, queer-positivity. In order to embody these values digitally, I began by utilizing one of WordPress’ accessible themes and ensured that I used acceptable contrast between text and background on my site. Building off of this design choice, I developed an About Page that encompasses my values of intersectionality, queer-positivity, and anti-oppression. Following, all of my portfolio posts are rooted in intersectional feminist praxis and center my marginalized experience, with emphasis on my queerness, through the media of art and writing.

After satisfactorily developing a space that encompasses my values, my goals shifted from engendering anti-oppression, accessibility, and queer-positivity to developing a design and content that both showcased my own aesthetics and spoke to the requirements of the class. Inspired by my other online publications, such as my Tumblr and my Instagram, I wanted to ensure that my blog followed suit with my other digital media. The high contrast used on my Tumblr and the visual aesthetics of my Instagram played an inspirational role in curating my portfolio. Also inspiring my blog, both through aesthetics and content, is the queer-centered news platform them.

As the semester comes to an end, this will be my last process post. However, I will likely continue to add to the portfolio section of my blog. This website has served me well, acting as a resource to link out in applications for jobs related to my degree in Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies. As such, I believe it would be beneficial to myself to continue to showcase my best work on this blog. Further, I would like to grow my audience by linking out to this site on my other social media, as to invite others to learn from my work and find solidarity in it. Prior to this class, I had established a fairly strong social media presence on various platforms. I had not, however, developed an academically sound presence. My presence on social media was simply surrounding my personal life, highlighting my queerness, mixed-ethnicity, and personal interests, such as spirituality. My academic life was sanctioned to my notebooks, documents saved on my laptop, and the work conducted on the school’s Canvas website. This class allowed me to expand my horizons of academic work, affording me the opportunity to hone my skills of blog development through an academic lens and give me the space to fuse the virtual production of the self with academia, in both the nature of this blog being created for a class, and of it functioning as a portfolio including academic works. I look forward to using the tools I learnt in this class to further develop my portfolio.


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