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Reflections on Gender, a photo essay

Gendered rules of genderqueerness  When I came out as non-binary, I had no gender diverse friends, family or acquaintances. With no role models or anyone in solidarity with me, I took to the Internet. These online sources shaped what I thought I ought to feel and look like as a non-binary person. Also via the Internet, I began […]

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Rainbow Capitalism: A critique of the corporatization of Pride

Introduction  This paper explores capitalism in relation to LGBTQ2+ Pride. Specifically, it explores the question: How does the culture of capitalism affect Pride? It is based in the Western context. There are clear ties between capitalism and the production of Pride, and arguably the culture of capitalism infiltrates the LGBTQ2+ movement with a false sense of support from corporations. Moreover, […]

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“She uses they/them pronouns”: allyship to the gender-diverse community

The Peak‘s 2019 Sex, Sexuality and Gender issue features an article I wrote titled “‘She uses they/them pronouns’: allyship to the gender-diverse community“. The article (posted below) features a personal narrative, a glossary of gender-related terms, and suggestions of “ways to challenge cisnormativity, cissexism, and cis privilege”. “She uses they/them pronouns” : allyship to the […]